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Anders Breivik court statement on abortion, 22nd June 2012:

“The victims' attorneys have called me a "child murderer" earlier on, but know that the average age among the AUF people on the island was above 18, not counting the adults. Half of the soldiers of the world's standing armies are 18 years old. Many of our own Afghanistan troops are 18 years old. Does that mean that we send child soldiers into areas of conflict?

And while we're discussing the topic "child murder" the Labour Party has murdered more than 500,000 Norwegian children around the hospitals of Norway. And they continue to murder 16,000 Norwegian children a year through abortion laws. And those are primarily Norwegian children. Muslims don't do abortions because the Sharia does not allow it. The Labour Party and AUF are therefore responsible for the mass murder of 500,000 Norwegian children since implementation of the 1978 abortion law.”


Rocker Suzi Quatro still haunted by teenage abortion.

Abortion massacre in our midst

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